Community Discovery Done for You

Socialwise is a Twitter dashboard that will increase your reach and grow your community.
Built for you by our search experts.

You can't find your Twitter community and it's starting to get frustrating.

Socialwise Benefits:

  • ✅  No need to learn any complicated tools. We’ve pre-vetted the users and built the searches.
  • ✅  We use proprietary search algorithms to pre-vet users talking about things that matter to you.
  • ✅  Our setup prevents us from being a noise amplifier and to show only relevant communities.
  • ✅  Our setup prevents us from being a noise amplifier and to show only relevant communities.

Focus on Growth. Not learning new tools.

Your Dashboard is 5 Essential Columns

Your Brand

Track any mention of your brand across Twitter. Respond to good or bad news as soon as it happens.

Your Competition

Swoop in on your competition's dissatisfied customers or see what good things are being said. Make better business decisions.

Your News

It'll become even easier to find new customers on Twitter.

Your Community

Engage with people in this stream and you will grow your reach and increase your profile views.

Your Customers

A live stream of people with problems that your product solves. Message them and make more money.

What makes us the right team for the job?

Most people can say that they've built the tool, but how many can say they've lived it through real-world experience?

Our search expert team is made up of journalists that have spent years working at major news organisations like CNN and Al-Jazeera, or at AI-driven event detection companies such as Dataminr, and a range of financial institutions; always breaking news and discovering new sources.

Socialwise is the culmination of real world experience and productized knowledge. This is your opportunity to use what the professionals use.

What others have to say


Casey, Co-Founder @ Refrag

Big fan of being able to see everyone I need to engage with in one place. My profile views have gone way up.


Paul, Owner @ The Bagel Guys

As a small business Socialwise helped us stay across all the changes to our industry that have been happening at breakneck speed during coronavirus - best practices for serving customers safely, how and when we could operate, government aid available to us and our staff.


Pat, Product @ C-Port

I was able to see global reaction to a product launch and gain valuable insight into user opinions in real-time.

Here's How it Works

We help you increase your reach using this 4-step process

  1. Define Needs
    Your dashboard is loaded with 5 content columns to get you started on your community discovery journey. Answer 5 quick questions about your business and pay £349 with our Stripe-secure checkout. You’ll receive a confirmation email and we take care of the rest.
  2. Dashboard publication
    We go over your needs and craft the perfect searches within 48 hours. We then put those searches into a nice and clean dashboard that’s exclusively yours.
  3. Engage away
    Customers, community and competition conversations are all right in front of you. Time to engage with your community and increase your profile views.
  4. Analytics addiction
    Your future customers are now in front of you. Engage and increase your conversions.

Stop Searching For The Wrong Audience. Leave The Search To Us.

Spend less on chasing wild leads and more on those that matter.

Your time is precious. Let us make it easy for you to grow your community.