Real-time Social Monitoring for Real-time Leads

Access pre-vetted leads talking about foreign exchanges, indices, commodities, bonds and market moving events   

30 day free trial - no credit card needed 

What Is It? It's a real-time dashboard of communities relevant to your company and the financial sector. We filtered the noise so you can reach out to more leads that matter. 

Why It Benefits You? Engage with people talking about your industry right now. Share the article you published or your free trial while they're most in need.

How Do We Do It? We use proprietary search algorithms to pre-vet users talking about financial news and then use additional filtering across their live content to cut out all the noise. 

How Are We Different? Our search experts spent over 10 years hunting breaking news at the biggest companies. No one else can pre-vet and filter live social like us. The other tools are for things that happened last week.  

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