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This is Socialwise's dashboard full of live conversations

And we do three things brilliantly.


Information Surfacing

We have spent years mastering Twitter search. Why should you spend time trying to get the basics down? 

  • Excellent for real-time intelligence gathering or research for brands or people.

  • Limitless range of sources: from governments to people on the street.

  • If it's on Twitter. We'll find it. 

Free 7-day Trial


Sales Leads & Engagement

Someone offer this man an ice cream already!

Socialwise is a real-time sales lead discovery tool. Through the analysis and advanced monitoring of thousands of Twitter accounts, we are able to provide clients with true opportunistic marketing moments. 

  • Respond in real-time to potential leads talking about subjects that your brand are experts in.

  • Track your competition and engage with their followers.

  • Engage with leads when your industry is on their mind and your brand most relevant.

Twitter is a giant conversation taking place 24/7. Don't just stand on the sidelines with a few paid tweets hoping for the best.

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Beautiful Streaming Data

Data paralysis is a real thing. You need a degree to just operate some social listening tools out there.  We believe in simplicity and clean presentation. In our dashboard you see just the conversations you need and nothing else. 

  • Save time: you don't need to learn how to build keyword searches.

  • Turnkey: login and get started

  • Affordable: have you seen some of the top tier prices out there?

  • Search: we are the best at it and do nothing else.

This is our story.

Our mission is to provide businesses with a new source of lead generation using the power of advanced Twitter search to surface new direct marketing opportunities. We want to give businesses or personal brands the chance to join conversations they would never otherwise see and to offer genuine value.

We started Socialwise because we spent years searching Twitter for breaking news for major news organizations and saw first hand just how many other conversations were taking place outside of the news realm. We saw opportunities begging for a business to jump in and add value.

We recognize how difficult it can be to master social media, often it ends up with hopeful tweets or fruitless paid ad campaigns. What we do is present you with the actual conversations that lead to the Twitter algorithms deciding who is what demographic for a paid campaign.

We provide you with active opportunities for you to join the conversation on Twitter and grow your reputation, your community, website trials and ultimately your business.


These are ways to use Socialwise:


These are our tiers:


1 Seat 

Use our monitoring dashboard generator to build an information surfacing account.

Stream Selection:

3 x Advanced Search

1 x Brand Monitoring

1 x Instagram Monitoring



1 -5 Seats

Same as Personal but for businesses starting off.

Stream Selection:

3 x Advanced Search

1 x Brand Monitoring

1 x Instagram Monitoring



5+ Seats


Business just keeps getting better. More eyeballs watching more content. 


Stream Selection:

3 x Advanced Search

1 x Brand Monitoring

1 x Instagram Monitoring

Starting at $65/month


We can build some really awesome stuff. 

If there's anything you want to do with live streaming Twitter content.


We can probably do it. 


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