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Your Twitter problems...

Low Engagement

Your business tweets but no one responds. It's a bit like if a tree falls and no one is there to hear it.

Too Much Noise 

It takes hours to build the 'perfect' advert but only seconds to be scrolled over in a sea of tweets. Wasting your time and money.

Organic vs Paid Impressions

Ever skip an advert when it's obvious someone is trying to sell you something? Organic impressions leverage the value you offer as a brand and customers want to engage.

Problem solved.

Let's pretend you sell ice cream for a second... With Socialwise you get:

Real Conversations

Socialwise dashboard streams real tweets like this whenever they happen. 

New Customers

These people want what you're selling enough to tweet publicly about it. Is there a better time to engage?

Latest Influencer Trends

We set you up with a stream of influencers and industry leaders so you don't miss the latest trends. Catch this tweet and run your own #NationalDessertDay promo to join the conversation and sell some ice cream.

Monitor Competition

We can track your competition's every interaction so you can capture upset customers or learn from their mistakes. 

Competitor Success

Sometimes they get it right. We build industry searches to see when other companies make headlines. It may be a good time to add a butterscotch snowball bombe to the menu!

Own Your Brand

Our searches capture every mention or interaction with your brand. Imagine this person's word of mouth if you personally thanked or offered a coupon?

Take Action & Grow

If you want a tool that sends automated generic messages then this is not for you. 

If you want a tool that lets you listen in to the massive conversation taking place on social media, so that you can find new customers and grow your community then let us build it for you.

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