The Socialwise Story

I launched my first business when I was a teenager. I built a Mazda Miata community forum and offered advertising space in exchange for car parts or a monthly fee. I'd drive around Georgia meeting the people behind these businesses and sometimes putting on events with them. And I absolutely loved doing it. 

It was my first intimate exposure to small business owners and I was inspired by their drive to create a path for themselves. 

Next on my journey was digital journalism. This is where I mastered  social media search skills and developed the ability to find anything that's happening on Twitter. I used this skill to cover breaking news events but the entrepreneurial bug never left me.

Approaching a decade in the news industry I made a change. I quit news. And completed the most intensive coding bootcamp I could find. I wanted to make things. Real things.

After countless commutes listening to podcasts about successful entrepreneurs, I could see a pattern - each combined their professional expertise with a new technology. That's when it struck me! I needed to turn my brain into software! I made Socialwise.

I transformed a social media consultant into a web application. A tool that could only be created with the skills I've developed across a career in journalism and now in tech. 

Get in touch and let's see what we can do for you.

- Jack

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