4 Favourite Collaboration Tools for Remote Tech Startups

Here at Socialwise HQ, we’re a remote based team operating under multiple time zones. With Jack in London, Stefan in the Hague and myself in Atlanta, we rely on tools that help us collaborate efficiently. And confession… I love me a new productivity tool... With people coming to terms with remote life and working more from home, I want to share our favourite collaboration tools. And the best part, as a fairly new tech startup bootstrapping our way through this journey, they're also free to use.

Project Planning: Asana

Asana provides us with a platform to align all our upcoming projects/tasks in a simple and easy to use manner. I’m a big fan of how clean the design is with its reliance on soft, plain colors in the background.

Simple, clean design in Asana's UX

What I like most about Asana is the ability to assign multiple “collaborators” and sub-tasks within a project. Each collaborator then has the ability to provide individual updates to each sub-tasks. No more “touching base” or reaching out through emails for status updates.

Team Communication: Slack

For the uninitiated, getting used to Slack’s features can take time but once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll be left impressed with its benefits.

Slack organizes chat topics into "Channels"

One of its amazing but not commonly talked about features is the immediate access to chat histories for anyone new joining a team. This makes onboarding a lot easier as new team members can review old chats/materials to keep up to date on ongoing projects without needing to rely on traditional emails forwarded their way. What I like most about Slack is their organized space for separate discussions within a team. They call this “Channels” and it’s a brilliant way to make sure important topics don’t end up being lost in conversation.

Team Files: Google Drive

This is probably the first thing most people think of when talking about remote work or collaboration tools. While I’m more used to using Word/Powerpoint/Excel natively, nothing beats the collaboration aspect of google docs/sheets/slides (even at the expense of my treasured keyboard shortcuts). I continue to rely heavily on google docs to draft out blog posts or any content materials. While great for actual files or documents, I realize that it isn’t great for notes, tasks, or general knowledge management. For that, I turn to our last tool in Notion.

Team Workspace: Notion

Notion is an all-in-one workspace that blends notes, tasks and wiki all within one platform.

Emoji's not required in Notion but a good way to make texts "pop"

The tool itself is simplistic with nothing fancy to scare new users away. We treat Notion as our “dictionary” for company related information. Notion is great for onboarding new team members as it can act as a one-stop shop for them to learn about their new workplace.

Our team stores things like company mission, vision and goals in this tool. You could argue that these are things that can already be stored in Google Docs in some form or fashion but we find this quicker and easier to digest.

There’s always a shiny new productivity tool coming out somewhere, so if you’ve come across anything you love then shoot us a line. Looking forward to revisiting this post in the future. - Adi

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