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London Living. 


Every happy hour, store discount, restaurant special, latest story, hot ticket or thing to do from every business in London. 


You simply login. We set it all up for you. 

Rebirth of Local Content

Every Restaurant

We spent countless hours finding every restaurant with a Twitter or Instagram presence in London to make sure you can catch every new dish or deal they're running.

Want Something to Do?

We've got searches setup to track all the hottest new tickets and events going on at all of the city's best venues. You'll see every ticket on Twitter in London.

Hyper Local

We classify the location of every top London consumer business. And we catch their every move on Twitter & Instagram. Soon we'll be releasing  our hyper local Socialwise feeds.

Every Shop

Yep just like the restaurants. We've found and listed every shop in London that's on Twitter or Instagram and we surface every discount or promotion they run.

London Highlights 

Can't spend all day watching the latest deals happen? Don't worry, we've got a daily recap highlighting London's favorite Twitter or Instagram posts from that day.


So much so that it's always streaming live from Instagram in Socialwise. Catch your community's content or even yourself live in our dashboard.

Socialwise and the


Socialwise is London in 5 streams... 

#1 - Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants and bars don't have time to update their websites with limited deals. But they update their Twitter & Instagram accounts. We filter the deals as they're Tweeted.

#2 - Shopping

Whenever a London shop celebrates a new release, runs an event or announces discounts on Twitter. You'll see it right here.

#3 - Things To Do

As soon as an event space in London announces tickets to a new event on Twitter you will be the first to know. Combine that with some of London's finest publications and you'll be across everything that's happening in your city.

#4 - London Latest

Your local journalists and culture magazines with the latest things happening in the city.

#5 - #LondonπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

See what everyone else in your community is up to! You could even get your own content in the stream ;) 

Some social media fun for all.

Develop Your Community

We have cultivated the best of Twitter & Instagram in London and applied advanced search techniques to create a totally unique live streaming localized dashboard.


There is no better way to stay across the latest events and deals in London.


Offer these perks to your employees, residents, co-working space tenants, or simply use our dashboard to enhance your publication's own content. 


See the local businesses of London do what they do to make this city so special, live on Socialwise.





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