Monitor your competition

on Twitter & Instagram. 

"Every tweet you take and every post you make, I'll be watching you",

Socialwise Feat. The Police.

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Competition Intelligence

Did you miss your competitor's announcement on Twitter about their new booth at an upcoming event? Catch their every move in Socialwise.

Competition Mistakes

Learn through the mistakes of others. Watch what upsets customers on Twitter or Instagram and let your competition make the mistakes for you. 

Competition Success

Take advantage of your competition's hard work and Twitter research. Monitor your competition when they're successful with content and use it as influence for your own Twitter or Instagram posts.

Target Competitor Audience

They've done the hard work and surfaced a potential customer on Twitter or Instagram with their content. Engage that customer and convert them.

Every Media Mention

Did your competitor get featured in the local news or make it to the front page of a major tech blog? You'll see everything tweeted on Twitter and can plan your reaction accordingly.

Latest Trends

Don't miss out on #yourindustryday on Twitter or Instagram. Sometimes events slip through cracks. Monitor your competition and you'll catch if they are on it and can respond.

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