Enterprise Twitter Software built by
Search Experts

We find things that normal people can't. Use real-time information to improve
your sales pipelines, build new audiences and make smarter decisions.

You can't find your Twitter community and it's starting to get frustrating.

Socialwise Benefits:

  • ✅  Real-time information from Twitter to help you make better business decisions and sales intelligence.
  • ✅  Presented in our clean dashboard or direct to your business via our API or email.
  • ✅  Improve your social selling by monitoring leads and acting at the right moment.
  • ✅  No need to learn any complicated tools.
  • ✅  Proprietary search algorithms to pre-vet Twitter users talking about things that matter to you.


Data Processing

We build the searches, apply the filtering, pre-vet the users, select the time frame, choose a location, see if it's trending, look for media, check for links, analyze the accounts.

And then we relay the results directly from our server to yours.

So you can do the research and analysis you need.

Real-Time Monitoring Dashboard

You want to do the same level of searching or filtering as described in our Data Processing service.

​But we deliver it in real-time and displayed in a clean minimalist UI for easy consumption.

Perfect for covering one-off events, daily newsgathering competition monitoring, or community discovery.

Tailored Audiences

We find the people you want to share your product or services with, and provide you with the information needed for your campaigns or research.

You want to see who was talking about that event for the hours around it and engage with them? No problem.

Millions of Tweets analyzed & delivered.

Our clients in financial centers require 24/7 up-time and information as soon as it's published.

We always deliver.

Delivered how you want.


Our content live-streaming in clean dashboard.


Receive e-mail digests or reports immediately or once a day.


Our data processed and integrated directly into your systems.

What makes us the right team for the job?

Most people can say that they've built the tool, but how many can say they've lived it through real-world experience?

Our search expert team is made up of journalists that have spent years working at major news organisations like CNN and Al-Jazeera, or at AI-driven event detection companies such as Dataminr, and a range of financial institutions; always breaking news and discovering new sources.

Socialwise is the culmination of real world experience and productized knowledge. This is your opportunity to use what the professionals use.

Here's How it Works

  1. Consult
    We'll setup a Zoom call to discuss your needs and the best solutions.
  2. Proposal
    We'll get back to you after our call with several proposed solutions of different scale.
  3. Build
    Once we get your sign-off we get to work and provide updates on progress depending on the scale of the operation.
  4. Engage away
    We don't build & dash. We make sure that the results are catered specific to your needs and will tweak them as needed.
  5. Deliver
    Enjoy all that beautiful Twitter data.

We build software solutions for that crazy idea you had.

For all those times you've sat in a meeting room and said to yourself,

"I just wish we could do..."

With Socialwise we make your idea happen.