The world's most advanced Financial Twitter lead generator.

Intelligent Leads

Real People

Organic Growth

This is a new way for the finance sector to use the power of social media to generate more sales leads. Spend more time on leads that matter. 

That person literally said something about spread betting. What are you waiting for? Reach out and make them your next customer! 

Our advanced searches filters out the bots and spams. You'll see tweets from pre-vetted potential customers who have spoken seriously about hedging bets & managing spreads and are really into it.


It's nothing but real people tweeting on Socialwise.

Join the conversation with people interested in the finance sector and you'll see your twitter and instagram followers grow organically. 


See someone talking about currency exchange? Jump in and engage with them! It'll become even easier to find new customers.

Built for you.

You get four streams of brand news across Twitter and Instagram and another stream to monitor your own social presence. That conversation you think those people across the room are having isn't just in your head.

Spend less on chasing wild leads and more on those that matter. Build your brand with risk mitigators and takers who dream of being the next Warren Buffet.  Contact us now and have a custom dashboard built for your brand.

From $250 a month. Cancel any time. 

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