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We spent countless hours finding every restaurant, pub, store & venue with a Twitter or Instagram presence in London to make sure you catch every new dish, deal, sale or event they're running.

Want to know the latest headlines or buzz around you? We've got you covered. When local journalists and magazines post an update with the latest things happening in the city, we'll find it for you.


See what everyone else in your community is up to. You could even get your own content in the stream. Social media fun for all!

Built for you.

And your community.

You get four streams across Twitter and Instagram highlighting different types of local businesses in London. You also get another stream to monitor #London🇬🇧. How convenient is that?

Use this personally or offer these perks to your employees, residents or co-working space tenants. There is no better way to stay up-to-date across the latest events and deals in London.

London, we love you. See what this city has to offer that makes it special. In real-time, only on Socialwise.

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